Environmental Law and Planning Law

Frequently a business's most valuable asset is its land and buildings. The key factor in the value of the land and buildings is what planning use the business can lawfully put it to and what restrictions in the form of legal conditions, constraints or planning obligations exist in relation to the land and buildings. Our experienced lawyers understand both practical and legal aspects of Irish planning law and policy and how to use the system to its best advantage. We look to understand your business needs and aims and draw on our extensive experience to offer you quality legal and strategic advice in order to ensure that you get the best planning outcome for you and your business.

Environmental issues are becoming more and more important from both a national and international perspective. Your business needs to constantly change in order to keep up with the greater demands in relation to environmental governance and regulation. Issues such as pollution or contamination, habitat protection, climate change, sustainability, energy efficiency, waste minimisation and use of renewables have become the focus of legislation at national, European and international level.

Directors and other officers of companies can no longer ignore these issues as non-compliance may lead to stricter criminal liability and significant financial and reputational issues.

Our lawyers understand have in-depth legal understanding of environmental law both nationally and internationally. 


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