Corporate and Commercial Law

We are here to simplify your commercial and corporate law needs. You can look to Adams for everything from shareholder issues, reorganizing your business, tax structures, employee issues, NDAs and complex contracts to intellectual property concerns, investor matters and people who just don't pay on time. We will meet with you and advise you so that you can stay on top of things and prioritize what is important for your business success.

All sorts of clients come to us seeking legal advice during all stages of their business endeavors. We are constantly advising on share purchase and shareholders agreements, disputes with employees and contractors, director and shareholder issues, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory requirements, joint venture agreements, partnership and co-ownership agreements and the incorporation and formation of your business.

It is critical in business to properly define the parameters of the relationships between shareholders, directors and business partners. So, to avoid future disputes, we can guide you through all corporate governance related matters right from the start.

If you are looking to expand your business via mergers and acquisitions, we negotiate and draft all transaction documents, financing arrangements and due diligence for share and asset purchases. We also work directly with financiers, with a view to structuring deals that leave no room for surprises. 

In difficult times, we can also successfully guide you through dissolutions and wind-ups, liquidations, revivals, and restorations.

We share a common goal with you - creating certainty for your business and business relationships. 


Milan Schuster, Partner

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