Smart Practice.

You might call it success or simply solving a problem. Always eager to help, we are just as good at tackling the smaller issues as we are at solving the bigger problems.

Some Large Transactions that we have carried out recently:

  • Banking litigation in the Commercial Court involving assets in excess of €50m.
  • Advising International Pension Fund purchasing Irish assets to the value of €80m.
  • Wind Farm Projects - Value in excess of €100m.
  • Roll-out of Heathcare Company - Value €250m.
  • Sale of Irish Hotel Group - Value of transaction substantially in excess of €500m.
  • Complex trust law and tax law litigation in the High Court.
  • Enforcement of a foreign judgment in excess of €10,000,000.
  • Acting for a receiver in the sale of 270 residential properties.
  • Acting for a renewable energy company in respect of a €50,000,000 buy in.

Some Medium Sized Transactions that we have carried out recently:

  • Unfair dismissals action for 20 employees against a foreign owned company and negotiating an exit package.
  • High Court Defence Litigation relating to a lending institution seeking to overturn prior transfers of assets to family members in excess of €5,000,000.
  • High Court Defence Litigation relating to a complex retail distribution agreement in excess of €2,000,000.
  • Acting for a joint venture partner in their dispute and in relation to the partitioning of assets in excess of €3,000,000.
  • Acting for Investors in relation to the acquisition of share in a media company in excess of €1,500,000.
  • Acting for purchaser of office block with a value in excess of €5,000,000.

Some Not So Big, but nevertheless interesting transactions we have carried out recently:

  • We support companies all around Ireland and Europe with practical advice to resolve their day to day legal issues.
  • We also give quality advice to entrepreneurs and individuals setting up new businesses and investing in existing ones.
  • Acting for a director of a Telecommunications company in relation to an unfair dismissals action and negotiating an exit exit package in excess of €1,500,000.
  • Acting for an Investor in a company with regards to minority oppression and injunction proceedings to secure his investment.
  • Debt collection for unpaid rent in excess of €800,000 against a restaurant operator.
  • Acting for a retailer in a court application to renew their lease.
  • Acting for an individual in relation to her constructive dismissal case.
  • Advising a board of directors in relation to corporate governance issues and drafting revised employment contracts.
  • Negotiating and mediating shareholder disputes.
  • Acting for major retailers in relation to their day to day legal and compliance issues.