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10 Key Legal Documents for Your Business24 May 2016

Whether your company is a promising start up or a well established business, these legal documents are fundamental for your business to run smoothly. Read more »

Partnership and Joint Venture Disputes9 May 2016

It seems like a great idea to set up a business with a partner in order to share in the development of a commercial venture, to share in the risk of a business and to work together to bring a successful idea or business to fruition. This of course is looking at a business through rose tinted glasses. You could have set up a business by yourself, but hey, where is the fun in that? Read more »

How To Resolve Commercial Disputes Without The Courts25 April 2016

Alternative dispute resolution, including mediation, has become an important part of the problem solving and resolution landscape in Ireland. More and more clients are choosing mediation and informal settlement methods for resolving their commercial disputes. Call us today for more information. Read more »

Irish Company Law - The New Regime6 April 2016

With the introduction of the Companies Act 2014 certain changes to corporate governance practice has made life a lot easier for businesses. Read more »

Surgery Blunders Lead To Shocking Statistics23 March 2016

┬áRecent reports suggest one in eight suffer harm in Irish hospitals. 10% of patients were left harmed for more than one year and 7% died as a result of their injuries. The biggest risk was to surgical patients. Read more »