Corporate and Commercial Law Firm 

Adams Corporate Solicitors is a leading Corporate and Commercial law firm. We are located at 13 Herbert Street, Dublin 2, We make the most complex matters simple for you to understand. We are transparent in what we do and how we charge. We like to sit down with you and discuss the ins and outs of what's going on in your business. 

We understand that the marketplace is changing at a rapid pace. So is the law. We have been in business for over twenty five years and we know that our client's business is about being prepared for tomorrow, not only today. We understand that businesses expect lawyers who are built for change. Our law firm is focused on helping businesses navigate change. 

Every day our clients are subject to unexpected market forces - new products, advanced technology, consumer trends, changes in the law. These are significant pressures for business. We at Adams Corporate Solicitors have the ability to help clients navigate change in their business because we understand what change is from how we run our business, our talented solicitors and our ability to understand your business. Legal advice is about real lawyers providing real solutions.

Here are some of the things we do really well;

  •      Corporate and Commercial Law.
  •      Commercial Litigation including Commercial Court cases, injunctions and arbitrations.
  •      Litigation in the District Court, Circuit Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and  Supreme Court.
  •      Company restructurings and reorganisations.
  •      Corporate Finance.
  •      Mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures.
  •      Employment Law and Pensions.
  •      Dispute resolution by mediation and arbitration.
  •      Banking and Finance Law.
  •      Insolvency.
  •      Healthcare.
  •      Renewable energy including wind farms, solar energy and wave energy.
  •      Commercial Property, development law and landlord and tenant Law.
  •      Sport and Media Law.